Located in the heart of North melbourne

TruTrack. True Blue. The family names betray Italian heritage but they’re as Australian as damper, or an Arthur Boyd landscape, or the legendary FJ Holden. TruTrack began as a high performance car workshop in 1973 when light industry and cottages still dominated North Melbourne streets; Ralph took over in the nineteen-nineties just as North Melbourne became a fashionable place for Melburnians seeking an inner city lifestyle.

Café TruTrack was added out front in 2000; it’s truly an inspired fusion: fast cars and café chic. It’s a place to quiet the spirit - and sooth the savage mechanical beast. 

Café TruTrack. The Patrons. First thing you’ll notice when you visit Café TruTrack is that there are no poseurs. Look Around. Authenticity is the common characteristic. Here’s a table of footy players. Over there a couple of retired public servants. Against the back wall local real estate agents are talking property prices. Along the window bench there are ‘tradies’ swapping projects. There’s local entrepreneurs, competing restaurateurs, Lycra-clad cyclists, university students and rev-heads; and then there are mums, dads and kids. Despite the diversity there is a shared passion – friendly conversation, a love of coffee, and an interest in simple, tasty fare. Café TruTrack. It’s the multicultural melting pot you’d expect in a city that boasts of a café society.

Café TruTrack. The Place. And The Experience. Eclectic. Intimate. Fashionable. International. Modern. And spotless. Café TruTrack has a spare look about it – polished concrete and semi-exposed brickwork, and wrought iron furniture; and yet it’s warm, welcoming, and fashionable. Illuminated orange Perspex panels and light fittings add vibrant colour that contrasts with the black and white family photographs that hang on the walls in a nod to Sam’s Sicilian heritage; one photograph, Sam’s mother sitting on a Vespa motor scooter, is the centrepiece of Café TruTrack branding.

TruTrack – the workshop. Ralph is out back – behind a plate glass window – where exotic and rare vehicles are fine-tuned or nurtured back to life. Some are recognised marques – Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston-Martin, Mustang and Ferrari; there are high performance models from Japan and Europe, and some vehicles are so rare that only automotive buffs would recognise their worth. Walk into the workshop and checkout racing cars and bikes, off-road classics, customised family saloon cars, the rare and exotic – you’ll see them all at TruTrack.

Café TruTrack. You will find Sam out front where conversation, urban chic and satisfying provender rule. Flavours, textures, and aromas are the first concern. And consistency is the dining benchmark.

TruTrack and Café TruTrack – a unique place offering a pleasing experience.


The service is personalised - The facilities are spotless - It tends to tranquillity