Café Trutrack. The Menu.

Seasonal. Fresh. Local. Simple. Selective. Satisfying. Flavoursome. Aromatic.
Despite Sam’s Italian heritage Café Trutrack is not an ‘Italian restaurant’; it’s an eatery where market-fresh spicy sausage, prosciutto, tangy cheeses, fresh pasta, seafood, avocados, mushrooms, roasted peppers, 
grilled chicken, sliced beef, free range eggs are combined to create wholesome snacks and meals. These ingredients change with the seasons.
For years Sam has been building relationships with small and specialist suppliers of local produce. Few, if any, Café TruTrack ingredients are sourced from national suppliers.

The desserts are house-made: pastries, muffins, and creamy concoctions.

Café Trutrack. Style and flavour at sensible prices.